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D-Link Value In Partnership+

Hi Guys,

Are any of you a D-Link Registered Partner in the D-Link Value in Partnership+ Programme?

Is it worth the effort? Is the training any good? After training / certification do you benefit from it?




So far nobody has responded that they participate in this D-Link VIP+ program. It appears to be similar to partner programs that other camera manufacturer's offer that include tranining/certification, additional discount for silver/gold levels, deal registration, discounts on demo gear, and priority technical support.

I have attempted to contact D-Link to see if I can get some additional insight into their program other than what is listed on the VIP+ page on their website.


We contacted D-Link, and they sent additional details on their program: a benefits overview and a detailed guide on the VIP+ partner plan.

We hope this will be helpful. However, the questions you had on if it was worth the effort, quality of training, and the value of benefits are better answered by someone with experience with them.

Thanks John,

Yes I’ve been in contact with them about the programme, I was hoping to get some feedback from other IPVM members. Looks like it’s not too popular.

Anyone have any views on their IP CCTV equipment?




Here's a link to what IPVM has for D-Link. The latest we have is from Fall 2011, where we reviewed their professional line of surveillance cameras.

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