Create A Virtual Fleet Of Vehicles Thru Carvertising...

Buses have advertising, so why not cars? Or light trucks?

Have you heard of Carvertise? It's a new startup that pays people up to $100 a month for the priveledge of having their car decorated in fancy wrap-around advertising! And get a handy dandy GPS tracker locator free!

We work with brands to get their message seen. We pay everyday car drivers for driving with an advertisement on their car. This allows advertisers to get their message seen in an original way and reach a wider area of people, while also allowing our programs’ car drivers to make money for something they do already.

Thinking that for the contracting trade this type of advertising could have an additional benefit: with the correct art work and by specifying the type and color, a branded vehicle that would pass for an actual fleet vehicle could be conjured.

That would look nothing like this, but hopefully you get the point.

Figuring 100% markup that would mean 10 vehicles driving on the road everyday, more or less around where you want, or parked outside for about $2000.

Might be better than print ads. Just hope somebody doesn't get flagged down.

Advertising strategies are generally best focused on getting the best return for dollars spent. Brand awareness campaigns rarely exist as a standalone effort.

If you are a company the size of Budweiser or Coca Cola, maybe you have the budgeted resources to spend on brand awareness campaigns in addition to direct and/or channel sales efforts.

If you are Tyco you can hire Steve Young to be your brand ambassador and spend (at least a portion of) your advertising budget on non-direct sales efforts - and have a celebrity at your show booth.

But I think that most companies in our industry - whether manufacturer or integrator or distributor - seek to spend their limited advertising dollars on efforts that produce a more tangible return on their investment.

But I think that most companies in our industry seek to spend their limited advertising dollars on efforts that produce a more tangible return on their investment.

That's just the fiscally responsible, down to earth mentality of this industry. Of course, there has been an exception or two over the years:

Anyway, what did you have in mind as more tangible?

Yellow Pages? LinkedIn?

Curious, let's say you have a fleet of 10 small trucks.

Would you think that it would be worth it to spend the thousands extra to have the trucks painted in the fashion you often see: Company Colors, Logo, Slogan, Digits / side front back?

Interesting concept for sure. I know I would not want my company logo on the side of a strangers vehicle though. I can see where this would work for much larger companies as UD2 has mentioned.

This has been tried, and failed before., if I remember right, now defunct, I'm sure. I signed up to be a driver 15 years ago when I was broke - they gave you $300 a month or something like that.

...they gave you $300 a month or something like that.

$300 sounds good. This one the max is $100.

Did you have any say over your wrap?

Or does the "Charmin" wrap just show up one day?

Did it have GPS to track you?

For sure I'd be peeling my wrap off day one, or putting a brown paper bag wrapper over it...

I think you had limited say over the wrap. This was 15 years ago, so I doubt there was GPS tracking. They asked me for my home address and work address, which would give them a pretty good idea of where I would be during rush hour twice a day.

For a young, socially mobile man, I'd imagine the wrap might be even be advantageous. A silver BMW with a Cupertino designed, fruit silhouette on the door panel would be a magnet.

"My friends call me 'Steve'".