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Covert IP Camera For Outdoor Use

We have an application where the customer wants a covert camera around eye level next to an entry door to capture faces as people enter. Anybody make anything for this?

Something like a thermometer spy camera?

We were looking for a commercial solution that would run through a VMS.

There are miniature HD / IP cameras that you could embed / insert inside an enclosure. Similarily, there are the Axis ones (MP pinhole) with a base station / encoder.

Hikvision also makes two models DS-2CD6412FWD-10 and a -20

KT&C has a mini tube/bullet style KNC-HDBi230 and the mini square KNC-HDi47

on the on the KT&C mini square i found the the actual image quality fell short by aout 30% short of the image quality i was expecting.

las vegas

You may have more options and flexibility if you consider using an analog pinhole camera attached to a video encoder.