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Connecting Third Party Cameras To Hikvision Plug&Play NVR


We have here a HikVision Plug&Play NVR. Actually its LTS but its the same one.

The NVR has 4 POE connections for IP cameras. When we connect HV cameras the NVR gives an IP address to each one and connects to them.

When we connect another brand of IP cameras the camera turns on but it will not connect.
When we try to change manually the connection parameters it will still not connect.

The only way to connect the camera is if power it via external source and connect it to a switch to the WAN port. Then it works fine.

Anybody has some experience with this?

This is not unique to HIKvision products. HIKvision and all other Plug and Play NVRs are only designed to work with their own cameras on the built in PoE switches. They have specific protocols written based on the default user name and password settings to assign the IP address and gain access to the camera. It is also due to limited resources on the built in PoE switch on the 4 and 8 channel models. You can manually add cameras on the 16 channel models from the PoE switch as long as you assign the camera the correct address scheme before connecting it. They are from a higher series and have much better processing power.

Dahua NVRs (and their OEMs) will assign a DHCP address and automatically discover third party cameras via ONVIF. We show this in our test of the Q-See NVR kit:

(Also, the $39 ONVIF NVR we tested automatically discovered cameras on the LAN, but didn't have a built in PoE switch, so I can't comment on that feature.)

I've never personally used Hikvision's PoE NVRs. The TVI DVR had one IP channel, and was only compatible with Hikvision IP cameras. I'll contact Hikvision and see what they have to add here.

Thanks for the tip.

It seems that even tough I set the camera parameters manually it doesn't work.
I have set the IP/Port/User Name/Password manually but still the NVR would not connect to it.

This is strange as the NVR do connect to 3rd party cameras if you bridge the 4 ports to the WAN port.

Undisclosed isn't exactly correct. That May be a factor of the HIK products and not necessarily all of the self contained NVR's. I am from FLIR and our units will find and address several ONVIF Profile S cameras but not all.

Itamar- What specific caeras are you trying to add and what protocol did you select. Manually adding the cameras, if they are compatible, should not be a problem.

Have you conatcted LTS for support?

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Our QSG has the basic steps.


We are trying to add Tiandy cameras.
We add them using ONVIF prtocol.

The strange thing is that when the connection is like this:


Now with same definitions (ONVIF/PORT/USER/PASSWORD)

NVR->INTERNAL SWITCH with POE->CAMERA - Will not connect

Event more strange


This one works too. I'm guessing since the POE powers the camera but now that the internal switch and the WAN port are bridgeded the communication is going from the WAN port and not from the LAN ports.

Interesting. Without seeing exact setting, I could not comment further. Please contact LTS for further support. If there is a bug, they can report it to our R&D.

Thanks Bob.

I'll contact them once they are back from Holiday.

Try to change manually (inside Axis' Browser) user to "admin" and password to "12345" (default to HIK.

Than put on plug and play NVR port.

Should solv the problem.

Best regards