Condensation Within ACTI Domes

Hi everyone,

we have recently installed a few ACTi I96 cameras for two different projects. It was to our surprise that a few minutes after powering the cameras up, condensation started forming within their bubbles. None of the cameras managed to handle this situation and condensation kept getting worst and worst (a small water puddle at the bottom of the bubble...) although the weather was not rainy at all. Even after manually setting the heater and fan to permanent ON, there was little to no improvement.

ACTi acknowledged the problem and sent replacement cameras immediately claiming a better design. Indeed the replacement units received seemed to have a different cable bundle design. Unfortunately they too face exactly the same problem.

The issue is present for all installed cameras at two different locations. All cameras run on ACTi's latest firmware. Installation was done EXACTLY according to ACTi's instructions and there is a silica gel bag installed as well (which we have been replacing quite frequently). Camera sealing has been checked multiple times.

Anyone has any experience with this situation please? Any ideas on what to do?

Thank you in advance,

I have not had any experience with ACTI however I have had similar problems with Panasonic domes in the past and the cure was to install a Heater Assy in the dome...Fixed it ...

Thank you Dennis,

Interesting solution. How did you actually control the heater? Thermostat?

Is there any specific heater that you would recommend? I am a bit worried about the available room within the dome - not sure you can actually fit one there.


I used an assembly from Panasonic...Are they sure the heater in the unit is actually turning on???

Something to check...

Here is a link to a thermostatic board available...

Hope that helps you narrow it down ...

Thank you again.

The built-in heater works - at least it heats the bubble (you can tell its warm when you touch it). We can also hear the fan working.