Comments On This Video About Spy Cameras In Oregon?

To me, it looks as if these were installed to keep an eye on the adjacent substation. I didn't see any houses near by that someone could claim they were being spied on by the government. Not to mention climbing a utility company's pole and removing the equipment. Just my opinion and observation. Sure to be a hot topic and now this exposes secret tactics used by law enforcement to effectively investigate criminal activity including terrorism.

Thanks for sharing, interesting. Putting those cameras inside an enclose like that looks like it was an attempt to hide / make the cameras covert. I don't know enough about the details but would be inefficient and wasteful for a substation monitoring camera to be set up like that. On the other hand, not sure what they are expecting. They have taken over a government building and the government does have a legitimate interest to monitor what is going on in and around a government building.

Btw, old school Canon cameras!

...old school Canon cameras...

Not that old school, VB-H43, IP 1080P.

Though the dual inverted PTZ in-a-box is clearly government work at its finest.

These guys have no clue at all about what they're looking at. It's cargo cult type logic. Reading a bunch of digits off thinking that this is somehow proprietary or secret info. He read off a 172.19.x.x network, which is just something in the range of reserved/unroutable/private IPs. There is nothing you can learn from that IP address.

Utility substations across the US have been deploying all kinds of cameras to try and detect theft of material, or sabotage of equipment. Given the window those cameras had to look through, their coverage range is likely very limited. I'd guess they could cover an area of maybe 150degrees across the horizon in front of the enclosure, and about 50-60degrees down from the horizon.

Lots of integrators and small companies are assembling boxes like that these days and selling them for utility and municipal surveillance as easy deployment kits.

@ 10:34 - "Manufacturers Address Code" - which he 'guarantees are either from DHS or the FBI - or some entity as such'.

Fearless patriots risking their lives for us to eliminate the evil SCADA...

This sequence, @6:25 is right out of the OSHA guidebook...

Yes , their conversation is amusing. "It's directional" "Has nice night vision". I just don't see how this was installed to spy on the citizens by the FBI. They are obviously doing that with drones and underground robots. Kidding about the robots.

Damn, they should have been Hikvision cameras!

before I comment full disclosure

I have worked for the parts of the government that pushed/designed/installed or contracted for this kind of things. I still do for the most part, just for the higher/education now.

That being said, my first reaction after watching the whole video and checking What I could find out about what equipment was in the box is "what a bunch inbreed retards" and that is coming from some one who was born and has grew up in the rural parts of the south east US.

after seeing the first pole it "appears" like its a "spying point" for cars going down the road. its not until I see the second pole that is "within walking distance" that I realize why those cameras are up there. they are to monitor the substation for vandalism / terrorism. from what I can tell portland general electric owns that substation, not the "feds". so hopefully they will find the "geniuses" that vandalized their monitoring equipment and bill them, and if they dont pay then they can turn their power off, I sure they wont mind.

second thought is "wow that is the first time I have ever seen a canon camera installed.. anywhere"

third is the primitive animals assessment of the the tech in the box. the SCADA boxes are in the bottom of the box running off of the RS232 connectors, so there is SCADA equipment in the box. the top half looks like a power supply and/or environment control unit for the box. and yes there are cameras in the box, but a MAC address isnt going to tell you which alphabet letter government arm put them in or in this case portland general electric. it will tell you who made it, which would who ever owns canon or the NIC cards that canon buys them from. You will need one of the alphabet letter agencies to help you track the device though the distributor channels though which in all likely hood would lead to the power company.

If the government wanted to spy on them, it would be easier to turn on the cameras and mics on the phones they carry along with the GPS than what little they could see out the box. those cameras are up there due to the new patriot act provisions (and the old for that matter), which include power stations and substations, to help protect and monitor the grid along with the cyber security provisions(the SCADA part).

sad thing is they are right that the government is spying on people illegally, the BLM is bad, and the US government is not following what laws they do have, but these morons have zero reason or will to try and solve the problem the right way. But hey now the Power company has an excuse to jack up the rates to replace the equipment right?

The SCADA Circuit ID is 82-6524-092 if it's of any assistance.

substation surveillance and they think they are being spied on? I love how something as passive as substation surveillance seems to be an invasion of privacy... they hate the idea of surveillance cameras recording them doing nothing but will let half a dozen people around record them vandalizing... I just don't understand it...

Live streaming from Oregon saying that the old guy in the cowboy hat that told the FBI to come pick up their cameras just got killed by the FBI

So.... did they get their cameras back?

...the old guy in the cowboy hat that told the FBI to come pick up their cameras just got killed by the FBI..

The Feds were obviously targeting the brains of the operation.

Best comment: "I know that when I install hidden cameras I always put them in a large box with a huge fucking label on it."

This guy makes a good point too: "Probably just fucked up someone's bird migration or bird mating research study. You're in a wildlife refuge, ya jackasses."

One of the cameras looks like they dropped it. I like how they state the cameras are unharmed, and the feds can get them from them. Maybe add destruction of federal property. Also, if the cameras were on federal property, then your "spying on the public" goes out the window. They can install cameras on their property as they see fit. The have dressed them so they blend better with the environment, esp since it is a wildlife refuge.

I think someone should tell them that the MAC address is like the serial number on your TV. No one tracks them, and they can't tell you anything besides where and when it was made.

Crazy how stupid ignorant people can be and insist on talking about it.

I hope the follow up story is how they all got arrested and fined for tampering with someone else's property. Never ceases to amaze how ignorant some folks are.

If the cameras are, in fact, installed by the utility company, or by someone studying the birds/nature, it would be hilarious to see the owners go after these clowns civilly.

Gonna be a great TV mini-series.