Comment Here - Good Luck In 2013!

I am trying out our new forum / discussion system which integrates directly into the IPVM site and with your IPVM login/membership. Please leave a comment. I would appreciate it!

Not sure if its necessary , I already have limitations on free time, and cant afford long discussions

which take up lots of time. forums are nice to read in spare time , but if it ties me up , then i have to hit the road.

Please leave a comment. I would appreciate it!

I guess we left the OP dangling for three years, good catch Bri! :)

Man, the forums are already more than 3 years old! Seems like yesterday.

Good luck in 2016 to all of our members.

Thanks Elliot for the link. I am torn about the threading vs no threading choice. We thread in IPVM article comments (using Disqus) but not in our LinkedIn group. For now, we'll make a variety of general UI improvements for IPVM discussions but leave it non threaded as it is. We'll consider later if we should switch or improve the flow.
John, While I'm not totally opposed to threading comments/conversations, I think that it would allow a lot of good information to get lost in the mix. This article: Web Discussions: Flat by Design might be worth consideration.
For now, you can just paste the link in and it will automatically hyperlink, e.g., IPVM Video Surveillance Information We are going to add an editor functionality so you can style/embed images etc in the next month. Thanks for the feedback, good point!
I don't see anyway to attach or link to a photo or anything.
> We can add threading. Let's see how messy or not it is without it. Threading might be a good idea. Sometimes we end up having multiple discussions at once. It will take some getting used to but I'm sure you will make it work.
We can add threading. Let's see how messy or not it is without it.
Here is my comment. You're welcome. BTW, the lack of comment threading is going to be kind of hard to get used to...
Luis, most everyone in the LinkedIn group is already an IPVM member, however many IPVM members do not actively use LinkedIn. Plus, we have far higher traffic on the IPVM site than we do on LinkedIn. As such, I believe this will actually increase engagement. Finally, we will be shortly adding new features like anonymous posting allowing members to ask sensitive questions (like dealing with product problems, evaluating new suppliers, etc.) This is something we could never do on LinkedIn.
Good Luck to everyone as well! 2013 will be an interesting year for those of us in the Security Industry. There are many, many things evolving and "morphing" out there. One thing is for certain..the old adage: "Whatever it took to get you here won't keep you here."
A good idea in ways, I understand the benefits. I just hope it brings in the same range of people that the LinkedIn group brings in. The reason I found IPVM is through LinkedIn.