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AC Scout - Any Feedback?

Any comments on the use of the AC Scout for monitoring power surged, outages, and variations of voltage/frequency?

Hello Richard:

I have no 'hands on' experience with this product, but I can see the value especially for remote sites or where the power utility is dirty and prone to spikes or brown outs. Those situations are typically difficult to verify unless you happen to observe them in person. If they happen in some far-flung area, good luck troubleshooting! A device like this helps verify thorny power issues.

I do not think this product is unique, and there are several similar devices available. What's the specific interest in AC Scout for you?

Looks like a neat device - I often wonder if power quality is causing problems on some sites. If it was combined with something that can remote-power-cycle a device plugged into it, it would be a winner.

Matt that sounds like an execellent idea for after disturbance has cleared.

Brian thanks for the info - when I did a quick google serch did not find any other - was also looking for other test equipment

for monitoring and was wondering if there was any consensus