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Prevent Salt Water Mist Build-Up On Dome?

Is there a product or perhaps a chemical solution that can be applied to a dome to prevent salt water mist build-up?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Ted Brady (Richard)

Hi Ted,

We have used this product before: NANOULTRA SUPER HYDROPHILIC TREATMENT QT

I have never tested it against a camera which wasn't treated and in the same location so difficult to say how effective it is.

Let us know if you use it and get good results.

Cheers Brian I will try this and let you know.

Still open to further suggestions.

Thank you

Not EXACTLY the same thing as salt water mist, although similar, and a lot more intense: we do a lot of car washes, where cameras are subjected to a lot of soap and other cleaning chemicals. Regular cleaning (every six months, ideally) is important to prevent the chemicals from eating the glass, but I've also found it very helpful to give the windows or domes a generous coating of good ol' Rain-X, which helps the water bead off, thereby reducing the chemical deposits.

Thanks Matt. Good call.

Looking at the description of that "Nanoultra" stuff, it sounds like a similar type of product to Rain-X... but Rain-X is a lot cheaper and probably a lot easier to find. I carry a pack of Rain-X ready-wipes in my cleaning kit for quick touch-ups.

I've never applied Rain-X to a dome bubble, nor do I live on the coast, but I used to work for an industrial coatings supplier that sold a 'knock-off waterproofing product'. Here are some things to look out for:

1. Rain-X has a siloxane base, which means it lasts a few weeks per application before all the solids burn off/evaporate away. The VOCs of these products are insanely high (ie: 91%) so do not expect them to last long before reapplication is required.

2. In a particularly sunny and windy environment, the heat softens the film and any airborne dirt will become trapped on the slighty sticky and fluid surface. This of course has a negative effect on visibility.

3. Dome bubbles are typically manufactured to be ion neutral (staticless). Rubbing a film onto domes charges that film with static, which then attracts dust and dirt. Once you start applying Rain-X, you must keep reapplying it just to keep the dome clean.

The coastal area often deal with a 'salt-film' that is slimy in texture. We have not tested this, but SALT-X or SALTBUSTER looks to deal better with corrosive film of coastal area.

Of course, before going too crazy with any product, test how it performs on a few cameras. Hope this helps!


Thank you for taking the time. I'm reluctant now to apply anything on the domes. I was hoping for "the magic" solution that would prolong the need for physical cleaning. The residence is a second home so the folks are not always there. The salt mist buildup is incredible even after 24hrs with a good onshore wind.

I may choose to pass these suggestions to the homeowner and delete myself from the's just doesn't sit right with me and that usually ends up costing money!!!

Have a good week.

'till next time...