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Clould Based Access Control (Acsaas)

What are all the cloud based access control companies offering access control as a service? I'd think this would be a lot more viable than VSaaS since bandwidth requirement would be a fraction of what video requires.

From a tech standpoint, you are dead on. Access consumes far less bandwidth intermittently than video (Mb/s vs. kb/only when a door is opened) However, as lightweight as the system tends to be, there still are concerns about open ports, network redundancy, and remote security of data.

Like VSaaS, the economics of hosted Access is the big challenge. Many end users question the monthly costs of a handful of doors (say $12/month per door) and the fact they can buy a standalone local system free 'n clear in a few months. Given the range of options costing less than $1000 that add to an intrusion panel, or a standalone lock, Hosted is ideal for locations with low numbers of doors spread over multiple locations - a swath of the market that does not describe the 'typical' end user of access control.

That said, hosted access providers are out there. Brivo is maybe the best known, but other providers such as:

...among others. Many 'mainstream' access platforms already incorporate remote integration of door controllers, so the biggest gap tends to be the billing and discrete management of individual accounts.