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Class 1 Zone 2 Rated Camera Recommendations?

Hi there John, I'm looking at installing two cameras around an open gas filling station that we have on our campus. They need to be rated for Class 1 zone 2 in the Canadian Electrical Code. Do you Know of any cameras that are good for these types of installs. I'm trying to get face and license plate identification for our protective services to monitor these pumps. The install hight will be around 10 feet and about 15 feet from the target and FoV is around 80 degrees. Any info would be great


We have a background note on Hazardous Area Surveillance that may help explain what 'Class 1, Zone 2' means. It actually is the least-stringent rating in the rating spectrum, but it still is quite expensive! (Perhaps 10X - 15X the price of non-rated gear.)

So with that in mind, what options do you have mounting cameras outside the hazardous area? Can you mount the cameras clear of the pumps on poles and optimize lensing and resolution that way?

It might be expensive to spec a camera mounted farther from the target, but it might ultimately be far cheaper than mounting one rated for a hazardous area.

Pelco offers a series of housings that meet or exceed Class 1 Zone 2 requirements, but the housing doesn't address cabling/conduit/power supplies that often need to be certified also.

Thanks Brian, I'm a Red Seal Journeyman Electrician and there is alot to look at for these types of installs. I'll have to have a look at mounting outside the hazard zone. We do have some building that can workbut then there is the distance issue with PoE. We really want to to stay away from PoE extenders if we can, but have used them for some cameras that were around the 800 ' mark. Installed by contractors not our own elec. The info that you gave me will help.

I'll be curious to know what your solution ends up looking like. There are rated assemblies for camera equipment (eg: IV&C) so it is possible if you're forced that direction. It is just that most filling stations do not have the sort of budget for rated equipment.

Just followup here if you have other questions pop up!

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Careful. The Pelco housings are certified. Place a camera in one and the system is not certified. Spectrum Camera (Link) builds certified systems. We've used them on a few projects and everything has gone very well. Do consider the extra conduit costs!