Who Are The Top 5 Manufacturers That Provide The Best Turnkey City Surveillance Solutions?

who are the top 5 manufacturers that provide the best turnkey city surveillance solutions?

Turnkey and city surveillance really don't go together.

Maybe we are talking a tiny 'city' of 50,000, but if we are talking a normal city with hundreds of thousands or millions of people, the number of devices and the complexity of the requirements are going to be so great that nothing 'turnkey' will work. There will have to be customization and integration of independent / distinct components.

A, please describe a little bit more about what you are trying to accomplish and how big the city's system will roughly be.

the project involves only a tiny amount of a city where the required number of cameras according the a site survey carried out by the client does not exceed 200. all cameras are to be deployed within a 3 KM radius on one main road. there is already an existing infrastructure (for an IP based solution).

A, does the project need to integrate with existing DVRs or VMSes? Does the project want to integrate with access control systems? Does the project want to monitor surveillance systems of other government agencies or businesses?

What is a "turnkey" solution? Do you mean an end to end solution, like Avigilon? If so, pretty much all manufacturers have an end to end solution, but I wouldn't likely use most of them. At least for the recording and playback portions. A good VMS is critical when dealing with that many cams. If you only need live viewing and not playback, any system can do that. But, when it comes down to doing investigations and exporting video, only a great VMS will do.

Why is a distributor trying to quote a municipal surveillance system?

Sorry, but I think this is a situation where if you have to ask you probably shouldn't be trying to offer a 'solution'.

Why is a distributor trying to quote a municipal surveillance system?

"Someone in CCTV, please pick-up line 1."