City Surveillance Camera Boxes - Who Makes Them?

You have probably seen them around or at least in the news - big boxes housing power supplies, networking equipment, etc., like so:

I know that box is from TotalRecall, but they evidently sell an end to end offering, not simply the housing / enclosure.

I presume many integrators just fabricate them individually but am wondering if there is anything more COTS available?

A member is looking to have a portable kit with cellular, etc. that they can move around as needed.

Steven Engineering out of South San Francisco will customize an enclosure to your specs. Knowledgeable reps. Real nice to deal with. All Nema standards. Reasonably priced. Inventory onsite. I don't need to use anyone else!!

Richard - Can you offer any additional detail on this such as enclosure type, fabrication required and cost?

All the ones I've ever seen are "integrated" solutions put together by either an integration company operating locally, or a "VAR" sort of arrangement, supplying units to other dealers.

Generally you see an L-Com enclosure, Dotworkz housing, or MOOG housing as the "base" and then various other components bolted in/on to that.

BTW, I've got an eval unit of a new device Novatel is going to be releasing soon, basically it's an industrialized MiFi, with an Ethernet port. Compact and ruggedized, and because it's based off the MiFi, even has a battery backup. From what I'm told the price point will make it competitive with similar devices from Cradlepoint or Sierra Wireless. It's targeted at these kinds of M2M deployments, obviously.

Videolarm makes a "Deputy2" enclosure that looks very similar to this.

Good eye, Grocke! Here's an image of the Deputy2:

And here are some optional configurations shown in the datasheet:

Online pricing ranges from $2,500 - $3,000 USD.

Grocke, since you called it :), do a post on it to examine is positioning, strengths and weaknesses.

The ones used in Chicago and Pittsburgh (among other places) are from Avrio/RMS and are known as PODSS. They were developed by RMS out of the Chicago area.

I did a similar Avrio/RMS PODSS project in Florida with a few years ago, but we did not use the big bulky boxes like these.

We have used various models from L-Com as well. The fiberglass re-enforced models are pretty nice. We have also used the cheapo ABS plastic ones for indoor applications where you just want some basic hiding of equipment.

The fiberglass boxes we used were in the $100-$150 range IIRC and the ABS plastic are under $50 with shippping. All are standard sized and in stock. Never asked for a custom box or had the need.

what are the standard components that you need to put inside ?

ups, switch, electrical protection, coolers. some network device...

john g, why you think is bulky?

Herman - I am working on an article for these enclosures and options. They were a bit bulky for that particular installation as it only had one PTZ per location and we did not have much equipment to put in the cabinet.

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