Church Implementation

I need advise I receive a call from a church and they want me to implement cctv that can access of projector for them to be viewing during church service and also record of audio during church services, just need advise from someone that have done kind of installation before and best kind of camera to be use because we need to work on budget

If you have never done anything like this, be extremely careful. Live video reinforcement is different than commercial and security video. Live video must be extremely low latency. The end to end latency - camera to projector - all of the components, must be chosen correctly or you will get "lip flap" - not synchronized video with the live audio. Many modern devices can do this, but low end equipment cannot. If they have already purchased any equipment they would like you to use, that adds to the issue. I've been called in when another security integrator put in a security type camera and ran it through a computer to get an HDMI signal to drive a number of large screen TVs. Every piece of that equipment added latency. The time delay was approaching 3/4 of second, way beyond annoying.

If they are good friends and you wish to help, go ahead and experiment. Make it a learning experience. If this is a one-off for your business, back away and say it is not something you normally do.

With that said, you can use a high quality video conferencing camera as an input to an NVR to record it as a security function.

We recently used an Axis P13 Series Camera and CamStreamer - which IPVM had brought to light in an article this past summer. $250 one time license fee. It goes out to YouTube and keeps the last 4 hours of your live stream. On the audio side we took an output from the soundboard and ran it into the cameras audio in.

It works great but be careful of the ISP speed/quality. We are not able to stream at 1080 but 720 works great with very little buffering.