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What TV Should I Choose For CCTV Monitor?

Greetings, John

I am adding 20+ cameras (3 megapix) to 11 analog (4 PTZ), 30+ total, to cover a large garage, inside and out. Primary monitor is viewed through a doorway, thus needs to be vertical (portrait mode) to quickly scan all. A 50"-64" TV fills the view where it can be easily mounted. A proper on-off switch may extend its life!? Is the best type HD Plasma, LED, etc? Suggestions, Comments Welcome.

John Miller -

FWIW, I've had good luck with Panasonic and Viera TV's, both plasma and LCD. I use these for our tradeshow booth demos, so they take a beating from shipping, and in our lobby and demo room, where the Viera units have been powered on pretty much continuously for 5 years now.

Given the price delta between consumer grade and pro-grade gear, I'd toss the dice and go with a consumer-grade unit. Keep in mind that they are all going to support the same max resolution (1920x1080p), so you won't really get "more" cameras on a 64" vs. 50" display, they'll just be bigger.

There are also the 4K sets that have higher res, but at a steep price.

Hello John:

I recently spoke to an end user who is using a Westinghouse (rebranded LG?) 42" LCD TV as a view panel.

This end user purchased this unit off a 'deal of the day' type website in 2008, and it has been running on a near-continual basis since install. The set has only been turned off a handful of times during cleaning or power outages.

I recommended this end user buy a commercial display at the time they bought this cheapo off the internet. So far, the cheap option has proven sufficient.

With that said: make sure your video adapter supports rotating the output to portrait orientation.