China Government Declares: "China Needs Special Agents To Gather Secrets From The US"

The People's Daily is an official newspaper of the Chinese Community Party / Government. It has an English edition.

This week, a Chinese businessman pleaded guilty to helping two Chinese military hackers carry out a damaging series of thefts of sensitive military secrets from U.S. contractors.

Here is the response from the Chinese government's official newspaper:

"We have no reliable source to identify whether Su has stolen these secrets and transferred them to the Chinese government. If he has, we are willing to show our gratitude and respect for his service to our country. On the secret battlefield without gunpowder, China needs special agents to gather secrets from the US" (emphasis added)

It is a very blunt assertion. And not only does the Chinese government feel this way, it evidently wants to broadcast to the Western world in its own English language propaganda.

For those providing security services or products to the US government, military or critical infrastructure, this is is a real risk and the Chinese government is making it clear that it supports it.

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Yes, they've recently had a spot open up.

"Every country is gathering intelligence. The largest and most well-known information-collecting agencies are the CIA and FBI in the US. The FBI has even listed China as their top target."

This spin might work for internal consumption, but it's not very credible elsewhere. The FBI, as America's premier law enforcement agency, has a mission for counter-intelligence. That's not spying -- it's catching and stopping spies.

If the FBI has said that China is their top priority, that would seem to be an acknowledgement that China is a top spy-er, not that the FBI is collecting against China.


I don't think the FBI and CIA are interested in "economic espionage". Let's what see, what makes more sense.......... the U.S. wanting to steal trade secrets from the Chinese in effort to bolster its economy so it can have the worlds most powerful military or the Chinese government wanting to steal the trade secrets from U.S. companies so it can strengthen its economy and overtake the U.S. as having the worlds most powerful military.

Let's what see, what makes more sense....

Why can't they both make sense?

Some people really buy into this conspiracy stuff. The next thing you will tell me is that IPVM sent someone to China. Really....we have to stop this.