CCTV Viewfinder - iPad App Equivalent

Is anyone aware of an app that could be run on an iPad that would provide the same functionality as a traditional CCTV viewfinder but with the added benefit of being able to provide a snapshot to a customer that shows them the view they would expect to get from a specified lens?

veracity makes a battery pack with wireless connectivity where you can run the power off the battery, and it creates a local wifi network you can connect to where you can access the camera through a mobile device. once you have video on ipad you can easily take a snapshot of the view

Hi, Tim Raynor. I add a link below, which I hope is what you are looking for.

From rdm.avg: To celebrate its release on the iphone, CCTV ViewFinder is $1.99 for a limited time only!Help determine what lens size or focal length you need for your surveillance project by using this visually based view finder. Use your iPad Camera to take a snapshot with the object or point of interest in view. Use the surveillance camera specifications and the zoom control to virtually adjust the field of view to what you require. Don't guess at what the lens requirements are for your surveillance project, use CCTV View Finder to quickly and accurately determine your needs.

Best regards.

Thank you Joel. I will take a look !

Samuel thanks for the advice about Veracity , I hadn't considered doing it that way.