CCTV Track Camera- Request

Hi there,

We have a project with a customer that requires a CCTV track camera system. I am hoping that someone can point us in the correct direction for these types of units. And what success and pitfalls this type of system can have for servicing.

Yes, like that. They will be complementing their system with a track style camera in addition to other fixed and PTZ cameras throughout the facility.

Cliff, as discussed in that thread, I'd lean to convincing them not to do it. Considering the cost, maintenance issues and limited providers, it is likely to be problematic.

Though we joked about gigapixel cameras thre, a much less expensive solution would be 4K cameras and digital zoom to do tracking down aisles, etc.

When I was on the Security Operations side we put in a "custom-made" version of this in 1985 at a large retailer. It ran across 20 checkout lanes.

Service headaches galore. Only two were deployed before the concept was abandoned...

I am not certain that time has made these more reliable. Multiple fixed cameras may likely be a better solution.

What kind of facility, exactly? A huge warehouse? Or a packed retail space?

If you are considering something this exotic, what about an indoor drone system?

50% joking.

It might be a lot of work, and it might not work a lot, but if ever there was a integrator differentiator, this deployment capability would be it.

The battle for indoor drone dominance

Its a large warehouse.

LOL, Like it or not the customer wants it- so I will post our findings once we have it installed.

And he understands the problems and risks involved? Since you are going to be stuck maintaining / dealing with it, you may have an incentive to push back on this?