Split An Analog NTSC CCTV Camera Signal To Feed Both An Encoder And An Existing CCTV Matrix

Has anyone found a cost effective way to split an analog NTSC CCTV camera signal to feed both an encoder and an existing CCTV matrix. We have a situation where we have a large quantity of DVRs that supported looping outputs that now feed a large CCTV matrix. The cable is all there. Customer needs to replace DVRs with encoders. Has anyone found a product to do this passively without effecting signal strength/quality? Has anyone found a small/neat way of doing this with DAs? We can't re-wire everything to matrix and expand the matrix to support looping outputs to the new encoders. Existing matrix supports serial integration with PLC, we can remove matrix.

1) Choose an encoder with a looping output (I know, these are getting harder to find)

2) How far are the cable runs? Are you doing any Up The Coax control? If the runs are fairly short and you are not using up the coax control, use a splitter

or a large amp, such as this 16 in, 32 out:


The passive splitter has been considered in past projects but we have had issues with a DVR or encoder not seeing 1 volt peak to peak. Has anyone else used these with an encoder successfully?


Splitting an analog CCTV signal is a big no-no. You must maintain the 75 ohm impedance for proper signal and termination. A distribution amp is the proper way to accomplish this task.

Check to see if the encoder supports switchable termination or possibly the matrix. Some have allowed it in the past. It's better to loop but it would maintain proper termination.

Greg - did you find a solution?

We have the same need to encode the analog CCTV input without disturbing its connection to the DVR.

We're thinking of using https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00VG631NU

Does the dvr have a little toggle next to each bnc connector? The ones I had (DW) did.

This is for a Pelco DX8100 DVR. I didn't see any toggle but I have only viewed online photos (haven't been on sit yet). Do you have any recommendations?

Carter, this manual shows the back of the DX8100 looking like this:

If so it has full looping outputs without need of an 75ohm cut switch and tee.

Hello Greg

we do offer various video distributors. Please take a look at:




Splitters, TEE's woooo this is not for me.................

Did the title mislead you?

Undisclosed #3 is correct that you can loop Analog feeds through a DX8100 without need of a Distribution Amplifier (which is the term everyone was hunting for but never specifically mentioned).

It's important to note however that the DX8100 is not a DA and doesn't amplify the loop-through signal. In most cases this is fine, and it's what the DX8100 was designed to do, but depending on cable quality and length, you may wish to consider purchasing a DA or "Video Distributor" as referenced.

Side note, the DX8100 was discontinued years ago, and Pelco's entire Matrix line was also discontinued last year.