Cctv/Hd Manufacturer Searching For Camera Tester Application

We test our camera software/firmware manually. Does any one know of any open source application that might be able to automate testing at least basic camera functionalities ie; rendering video, ptz, lens controls, frame rate, resolutions, bitrate, presets,tours, etc..

We are a small company and funds are limited, can't afford to hire developers or consultants for customize application as such. We run the Onvif compliance tester on our cameras and a few other 3rd party vms, if we can find a similar tester that can be modified to our camera specs that will be just fantastic.

Thanks in advance

I don't but it's a good idea!

We've been thinking about something similar. For us, it would be a tool that automated testing - i.e., stream video at various settings, check bit rates, etc.

On your end, are you mainly trying to make sure your cameras work before shipping or?

We qualify and test firmware for releases manually. Yes a tool that can at least test some of the functions will be helpful. It's very time consuming and tedious but obviously a requirement for officical software releases. We previously had a developer start on this using soapui and did basic system checks.. making simple configuration changes, verify and make sure it holds thru a power cycle.