I am just back from a visit to the IFSEC in london and saw a cctv system called CCHDTV.

In a stand they showed 4 1080p camera's over one and the same RG59 wire (in a string). They used a camera with a module built in to simulate an televisionnetwork so every camera was an TV channel. The recorder then recorded every channel seperate. They said they also visit the ISC West in the USA but I can't find anything about them. I have there documentation but its strange that there is nothing to find about them in the media. Anybody ever heard about the system.

George, Thanks for asking. This have been around at least a year or two.

This have been around at least a year or two. It is from ITE, who is a Taiwanese semiconductor company (publicly traded, ~$100 million USD annual revenue). This appears to be their first offering for the video surveillance market.

We've ignored them so far because they do not appear to have any major brands backing / offering them and we have covered other similar approaches which have never gained steamed (e.g., Innovative Or Pointless: PoE Chain IP Cameras).

They have a product website here - ccHDTV.tw which has lots of details.

George, what vendors or brands were offering them at IFSEC?

There where several vendors together in one boot. "Trans PAC", "Unitechno Corporation", "UTN CCTV Equipment", "Vacron" and ITE (all from Taiwan).

I have never heard of any of them (except for ITE, which, as mentioned, is the chip developer). I think they are going to have a hard time ramping up.

George, how attractive was the pricing?

That's the problem right now with these non-IP HD offerings. With Hikvision and Dahua selling them at $100 USD or less, it is really hard to compete and their core differentiation (the bus / ring / chain approach adds cost and does not provide much value on most layouts).

Stardot has been doing this for a while (saw them at ISC West last year). I bought a trial pack to test at our shop as I've had some companies with extremely large warehouses and the 3,000ft coax runs at 1080p quality was tempting. They told me they easily integrated into exacq so I gave it a shot.

Overall I found the experience to be somewhat subpar. It works sure, but it's not the same and does not integrate with exacq well (should have checked before purchasing). Below is their website if you are curious about it. Again, it works, I just find an IP camera to be the better buy.

Stardot Multi-Channel Long Distance Coaxial


I think Stardot is using ITE's chip / offering (explained below).

As for IFSEC, I am assuming there are other vendors / camera manufacturers that ITE is trying to sell this to.

Btw, I agree with your assessment of Stardot. We have a relevant discussion here: StarDot Multi-Channel Long Distance Coaxial (MCLDC)?

The pricing was almost the same as Hikvision end Dahua for the 4 channel recorder, the biggest was an Vacron 19 inch racked 32 channel with raid4 or 5 disks. He dit not want to give a price. The camera's where a little more expensive dan Dahua and Hikvision. They had several types, and counting all the vendors together there was a choice 0f 18 different one's. They said that the can put a 4k camera on the system available at the end of the year.

John, this may be from Pacidal TV, which we discussed several months back. It's the same technology, DTV. Pacidal is also listed on the CCHDTV website as an adopter, (along with LTE).

In addition Thomas Chang of Pacidal mentioned that they would be at IFSEC 2015, and heartily extended an invitation for members to visit.

Regardless, it's quite a in-depth discussion in which you repeatably express your doubts in the marketplace viability of the technology. Thomas Chang probably wished you had just 'ignored' him. ;)

Most notably the discussion originated the term 'Rockoffing', here in its memorable money quote:

Spare me the future prospects. When they ship, you can take credit. Otherwise you are Rockoffing us.