CBRN Detection Systems?

Has anyone deployed such a system (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) and, if so, what are your experiences with it (what was it for, difficulty, manufacturers, etc.).  Information was requested by one of our large retail/manufacturing customers.  I am not sure what, at this stage, they want to detect, but I assume it could be in their worldwide retail stores or maybe related to their mail-order and package shipping operation. 

I have not installed, however for information, the City of Chicago emergency management center might be a good resource and also, the CBRNE folks at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. I've taken the CBRNE training there. They might have information on reputable manufacturers. Not quite sure you would talk to though.

Customer provided information from Rae Systems. I recommended a risk assessment. I am willing to bet with the 1 out of 1 billion chance that this could happen to them, it will never gain traction. I figured I would at least throw it out to IPVM to see if anybody else has experience with these requests/systems. (If it was Trump Tower, odds may be a little better over a worldwide retailer of outdoor wear)

Rae Systems