Catalog Print Company Recommendations

Odd question but can any manufacturers or distributors can recommend print companies that print their catalogs at a fair price? Some companies hand these out like they are candy, it cant be cheap.

Talk to ADI? :)

From running the online calculators for a few catalog providers, the biggest factor appears to be quantity of catalogs printed. The unit price for a 1,000 print run is 5x more than a 20,000 print run.

So it might actually be (relatively) cheap if you are like ADI and printing 100,000 copies and then getting manufacturers to pay for it :)

Hopefully someone else has specific recommendations.

IPVM's First 'Inside Oklahoma Business' Edition:

Talk to QuadGraphics. They have a big commercial printing operation in OKC. They do the shiny pages/ fancy full color stuff for lots of catalogs and magazines in the region. I know of several regional distributors like this one that use them to print catalogs.

Where are you located? If you're doing any kind of volume you'll want them printed nearby because the cost of shipping catalogs adds up fast.

We've found in addition to volume discounts, a lot has to do with the capability of the particular printer given the design of the catalog (binding, fold outs, etc) and the time to delivery.

Is this really the same Sean Nelson who made monthly 3-point plays with the Uline catalog? ;)

Lol, it is. I definetely wont be sending out one with every order and on top of that sending one in the mail every week. Makes good fire tinder.