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Office Puts RFID Chip Under Staff Skin

I thought I would throw out this article I saw on the BBC the other day. It raises some eyebrows but at the same time, I can't say that having been in this industry for 15+ years, that I am that surprised to see this come up in a discussion.

BBC - Office puts chip under employee skin

Interesting twist on the usual authentication categories of

  1. Something you have
  2. Something you know
  3. Something you are


4. Something you have become

Personally, I'm gonna hold off on getting my mark of the beast until it can be done with out breaking the skin, preferably more like a infra-red UPC than an an sub dermal FOB...


I just watched the video. Also, I embedded it into Scott's original comment to make it easier to see.

Btw, money shot of the chip being injected / implanted:

Here's the full-featured version:

Wow! That was an intertesting video. Years from now, that might be more prevalent than most people would think.

I assume there is a process or procedure to take this thing out when you terminate your employment.... like an employee surgical suite.

No need, just have yourself unenrolled from your former employers system, and impress your next Draconian Overlord with your deep commitment to Access Control. ;)

Now for fun, next step Apple will say it is cool to get an Apple chip to play with your iPhone, then driver license and finally everybody will be chipped.

now that is company loyalty... it will be a disappointing/painful day when the company wants to update staff credentials and have to do it all over again... i have always thought that an implant would be handy so then maybe you wouldn't have to tote around a wallet and keys (or worry about forgetting them) however mobile devices will pretty much make that a reality in the near future...

A lot of loyalty... Sometimes people worry that in case of biometric access control their finger can be cut out by criminals - Now criminals will need in a saw. And there is no liveness detection by the way.