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Can I Record TV To A VMS?

Can i use milestone to record tv channels from receivers?

Sure. Get an encoder, plug in a feed from a TV channel. Connect encoder to Milestone.

I am not sure how good the video will look or how well the audio will be in sync but it can be done.

Thabks john

I want to record 160 channel, some of them will be high defintion and if i will use encoder it can not be recodred more than 4 ceif resolution

Hi Matar,

I would say it depends on the broadcasting technology to some extent and it would probably be easier to get a TV capture card for this job. There are a multitude of antennas available to use with these cards in your PC to grab normal broadcast signals and I hear you can capture cable signals (for the record we don't have cable here in South Africa; therefore you'd have to do more research on this).

There are applications to use such as Next PVR for Windows or MythTV for Mac.

Recording satellite might be more of a challenge but it should not be impossible. Google is probably your best bet.

EDIT: I don't know how long you want to record these videos for and if they will be ad-hoc recordings or continuous. You can obviously schedule these, but if you're going to record for a long time you will need tremendous storage for 160 channels given some of them are HD and they all have audio. You will probably require more than one recording device to accomplish this.

Agree that the standard analog encoder solution will not record HD without reducing it to SD.

But even if they would encode HD, you would still be in a quandary as to how to demux them all and get them individually to their seperate encoder channels, no?

Or do you already have the means to present 160 HD streams in some fashion? Like 160 cable boxes with RGB component video out?

Capture cards would preserve the quality but you would still need 160 of them. There are some usb 4 and 6 channel capture devices that would ease the burden somewhat, but still be quite a large farm of devices!

So I just wanted to ask, is that what you envisioned? Or were you maybe hoping that Milestone had been integrated with a cable card, and you could record a TV channel just by specifying it like a cameras ip address?

Yes you can record. Jon's explanation is dead on. We have a customer that uses VMS to document commercials played at certain times. They use it for billing.

You can record anything to a VMS, you just need to feed the data in via a supported format/device.

160 channels of TV recording is going to probably require a couple of servers, assuming you are doing video AND audio.

For that market, you might want to talk to the guys at Blonder Tongue for some suggestions on building up a rack of encoders and related equipment.