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Can I Use Lorex Coax Cable For An HD-TVI Camera?

I have been requested to replace a few lorax cameras with better ones. The current wiring is lorax's coax cable which splits off at each end to a power and data connection. Am I able to reuse that wire and put in a HD-TVI camera (of course replacing the DVR), or would I need to run new wiring completely?


How long is the cable? Is it miniature coax or RG59? If it's miniature (the thing stuff that comes with Q-See and presumably Lorex kits) and 50' or so, it's likely fine. We didn't see many issues using those cables, aside from a slight desaturation and a little bit of smearing of colors into whites.

I'd make sure you write a "We will attempt to reuse existing cable, but..." clause into whatever proposal you're delivering!

It is the mini coax, and I believe most (if not all of the runs) are less than 50'.

Ill be sure to put in the clause that you suggested. Thanks