What Is The Annual R&D Investment And Staff Numbers Of Top VMS Companies?

Thesedays I am investigating the VMS market but having troble with figure of investment & staff members of Top VMS companies.

I'd appreciate if you can help me..^^

- Top VMS Companies' annual R&D investment & staff numbers( Genetec, Milestone, etc... )

~15% of annual revenue appears average, though that number can vary depending on the company's priorities (e.g., Avigilon is ~10% up from 5% a few years ago). Here's Milestone's numbers including R&D from a few years ago.

As for staff, I would guess Genetec and Milestone have ~100 people in R&D (including software development, QA, tech support, etc.). This is based on my understanding that both companies have ~500 employees (Genetec more, Milestone maybe less). That said, Milestone has been expanding their development teams in Eastern Europe, with a lower cost base, so perhaps they have more. Not sure.

What are you looking to decide or evaluate with those numbers?