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What Cameras Have These 8 Specific Embedded Analytics?


Can you tell me what are the companies that produce cameras with embedded analytics (not 3rd party) please?

Most camera manufacturers produces cameras with what they, at least, call 'embedded analytics' or some variant of that name.

The harder question is which ones actually work. Historically, the two that have had the best track record has been VideoIQ (now Avigilon) and ioimage.

I'll throw the question back to you: What do you want these analytics to do? In what environment? And how accurately?

I don't have any special requirements in regards to environment or accuracy but I need it to be in the camera and do the following:

1) motion detection

2) abandoned object

3) object removal

4) line crossing and zone enter/exit

5) people counter

6) crowd accumulation detection

7) panic detection

8) camera tampering

This makes no sense to me - "I don't have any special requirements in regards to environment or accuracy" So are you saying that it does not matter if it works really poorly in your application?

Are you responding to a bid spec?

Sorry for confusion and yes I need to find it for a bid spec.

This sounds like a screwed up spec.

I google'd a few of the terms on your list, in particular, the most uncommon one - "crowd accumulation detection" and got no matching results.

Typically, such crazy specs means one of two things:

  1. Copied straight from a single manufacturer's marketing document
  2. Frankensteined by someone who does not understand how these products work.

#1 is still a possibility but it looks like #2 might be the case here.

Let's hope someone else recognizes what manufacturer this might be copied and pasted from.

Btw, if you have the time and power, you should consider challenging this spec because it's likely going to be a problem for everyone.

1) motion detection

Almost every camera has this

2) abandoned object

Not going to happen. Some might claim this, but it's unlikely to do what you really want in real life. The short explanation: if you really look at this, analytics is about detecting predictable object appearance patterns. Everything do you for calibration purposes is so the camera can know how a person/vehicle should look across the scene in different areas. People are very predictable overall in terms of dimensions. Vehicles less so, but you can set some generous min/max criteria and get pretty good results.

Now, describe for me the "average" abandoned object. A backpack? Briefcase? Coffee mug? Shopping bag? Luggage? Trash? Is it round? Square? Black? Red? Very small? Large?

The answer is "yes" to all of these. You're not going to detect abandoned objects in a practical sense.

3) object removal

Can be done, dependant on environmental controls. Was the object removed, or is it blocked by a person? Is it still there, but in a shadow?

4) line crossing and zone enter/exit

I think every device that claims "analytics" can do this one.

5) people counter

To what accuracy level? Do you want to count large groups entering/exiting (like people entering or leaving a concert, airport terminal, sports stadium). People counting is really just adding up alarms, but you need to make sure the base analytics component can accurately "see" the people in the first place

6) crowd accumulation detection

Usually not to hard to get it to work right. This one is pretty easy.

7) panic detection

Unlikely to work as expected. How do you test this?

8) camera tampering

Standard, should be available in many products.

It seems as if you didn't write the spec for this, but my guess is the customer would hold you responsible for the system if it doesn't work. I'd be very cautious about biddng on this without getting better clarification from the customer on how/where these features will be implemented.

Yes it is "frankenstein" type of spec indeed. It was even worse but after hundreds of questions it changed a bit altough it's horrible still.

Forget about panic detection - I just clarified it that it meant to be really Crowding (crowd accumulation detection - that is just my roughly translation which can be confusing as english is not my first language).

So to sum it up since most of those features are quite common we are really looking for some that have Crowding and People Counting in their package.

I found that Agent Vi has it but are there any other?

Take a look in RIVA.

Luis, thanks.

They do claim 15 analytics types. How well they work, etc., who knows but for purpose of the spec, it might fit.


I used it in some projects and the quality is aceptable. I never made test side by side with others analytics.

They are price competitive, integrated with many VMS and ONVIF.

Their analytics are integrated via ONVIF? Which VMSes support analytics via ONVIF?