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Cameras Per Person Us/Canada?

How many cameras you think are in total in Canada? (Or in the US, which I imagine would be the next closest thing)

I am trying to figure out the ratio of cameras to people in Canada. Your thoughts?

And even those stats seem to be heavily politically motivated, with those for and against picking numbers to back their cause.

I think there are easily 50 million cameras in the US, maybe 100 million.

I am basing it on the number of business in the US - which is 6 to 7 million total (only counting business with employees). Clearly, most have surveillance cameras, as the price has plunged over the last 5 years, with Costco / big box retailers becoming sizeable players. And, of course, there are big businesses, with thousands or tens of thousands of cameras. That's why I think 50 million easily.

I'd guess maybe 1 surveillance camera for every 3 or 4 people.

Yes. It seems all the CCTV per capita statistics are for the UK (1 to 11, or 1 to 14, or 1 to 32), but I can't find anywhere statistics for Canada or the US.

Just surveillance cameras, I suppose? Including all cameras in homes, DIY, etc.?