Camera With Privacy Shutter

Hi all,

I´m looking for some special camera with a privacy shutter like the Myfox Security Camera. Does anybody knows about camera with mechanical privacy shutter? In ideal case the camera support ONVIF or RTSP protocol.

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Tom, good question!

Definitely a niche but there are a few products out there.

For example, the Panasonic WV-SF448, privacy mode demonstrated below:

It's a panoramic camera and ~$800 USD so those are 2 limitations. We'll ask Panasonic what other options or plans they have in this segment.

We heard back from Panasonic and the SF448 is the only model they currently have with the privacy shutter. They used to have an add on housing (I think essentially the SituCon, if I remember correctly), but it's no longer offered.

There was a company specializing is this, Situcon Systems, but I have not heard from them in several years (their last news update on the website is from 2012). I contacted the founder of the company to see if the product is available in any way.

Situcon had a special housing/solution with Panasonic for their small PTZ such as the WV-SC385, or other dome camera models with a privacy shutter. They provided a physical button to press to activate, and integrated into their classroom audio system.

This consumer model also has a privacy button (physical and virtual):

This Hanwha camera (Consumer model) has a privacy mode where the camera tilts to a mode where the lens is blocked.

Has there been any communications from Situcon Systems lately? Are they still around? Their website seems a little dated and broken? I have a project where this type of solution would be useful. Any info would be great.

No, I attempted to reach out to some folks I knew from Situcon, but never received any replies.

Hi all,

thanks for your advice. Panasonic WV-SF448 looks good for me.