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Cameras That Support Both Audio And Video Analytic Software?

Hi guys,

I need help in finding are there any other cameras apart from Axis that allow to install 3rd party analytic software on the camera itself ?

Any suggestions please :)

IQinVision and Samsung, I think Vivotek.

The problem is that the number of 3rd party applications that can be installed on any of these cameras is fairly low (maybe 2 to 5 total).

Any specific analytic software you want to install?

Samsung WiseNet III cameras allow apps to be loaded that provide 3rd party analytics, in addition to those built in. More information on the Open Platform program and available apps can be found at the links below. Not all apps are listed there yet, such as an LPR app that is available.

Samsung App Announcement

Samsung App List

Samsung LPR Platesmart App

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions on the Samsung offering.

Thank you for your suggestions. I had a quick look and from what I can see it is like you said John, there are only few apps there.

I specifically need two analytics to load to camera:

1) VIDEO - it should have as many of the listed features as possible if not all: camera tampering, abandoned object, removed object, line crossing, zone entry detection, object counter, crowd meter and panic detection

2) AUDIO - specific predefined sound detection and volume change detection

Those need to be loaded on two kind of cameras (required: 1080p with possibility to go down to CIF, H.264, multistreaming, 1/2.8" CMOS, true D/N, WDR, BLC, audio input with G.726 or MPEG-1/MPEG-2 Audio Layer 3 codec, SD card recording with automatic resynchronization of video to the server after connection is resumed, ONVIF):

1) fixed (also required: f=3.6 to 10.5 mm, remote zoom and focus)

2) PTZ (also required: f=4.7 to 60 mm, 360 endless pan, 180 tilt, 10 presets and guard tours)

I'm not 100% sure but from my initial research Axis looks very close to that can but I don't know yet whether it is possible to load more than 1 app on the camera - waiting for reply from Axis are there any limitations. Besides don't know whether Sound Intelligence Advanced Audio Analytics can do what I need - can't find much info on their website and waiting for reply from them on that subject as well.

Maybe you guys know something more about that?

Loading two analytics on a camera is risky. Though it depends on how processor intensive the apps are, cameras generally do not have a ton of spare computing resources available (e.g., look at the resource constraints on just a single LPR app on an Axis camera). I am not sure if regular Axis reps will know the answer. I'd recommend asking each of the individual app developers what they think, e.g., "I am thinking of running another app in addition to yours on the Axis model X, what do you think?" I am betting they say no :)

The only audio analytics app I know of is Sound Intelligence. We have not tested them so I can't say how good or bad it works.

Given how much you are pressing the limits of what can be done, Axis feels the safest to me, but I am not still not sure how well it will all work, even best case scenario.

It's possible to load more than one app on at least some Axis cameras in the latest firmwares. I spotted it in release notes recently. However, it's going to depend on processor load required by each, as John says.

Can you explain what you mean by "predefined sound detection"? The Axis Q1615, and likely some other recent models have audio alarms, but it's a simple level threshold (see below), so not sure if that suits your needs. It would eliminate one of the requested analytics if it did, though.

Sounds like you are trying to put together a bid for a spec job?

@John: You are probably right to check it with the application developers first. I wouldn't want to risk overloading the camera. Moreover in the manuals for Axis cameras I found that they recommend running only 1 application at a time and none when you have motion detection activated. No response from Sound Intelligence though.

@Ethan: Thank you for pointing this out to me. That could be helpful as well. By predefined sound detection I mean that let say I record some particular sound that occurs on site and then I use it as a detection pattern for audio analytics to recognize it and raise an alarm. Don't know is that possible with any audio analytics.

A, I forwarded this to Sound Intelligence, asking them to follow up.

[IPVM Note: Poster is from Sound Intelligence]

@John - thanks for forwarding this to us (Sound Intelligence).
@ 'Undisclosed A Integrator' - apologies for the late reply.

We have several audio analytics applications that can run on the ACAP (Axis Camera Application Platform) inside Axis cameras (e.g. aggression, breaking glass, car alarm, gunshot). The limitations are:
- the camera should allow an external microphone input
- the camera should have firmware 5.55 or higher
- the camera should have an Artpec 4 or Artpec 5 chip

For a complete list of compatible cameras, please contact us directly at

With regards to running multiple applications on one camera, this is possible. We have found a work-around (even on cameras where Axis firmware doesn't support this) to do this.

However, as pointed out earlier in this post, you have to make sure you stay within the limits of the on board processor. This is not only related to the number of (3rd party) applications you run on the camera, but also to how many videostreams (and in what quality) you need from the camera.

Currenly, the following Axis cameras have an Artpec 5 (stronger) chip: Q1615, Q3505 and F41. So these would be your best bet for most processing power.

Some video analytics companies (like Agent VI) have a hybrid model where part of the (pre-)processing is done on the camera, and the main algorithms run on a server. This model would give you the best chance of running both video and audio analytics on the same camera.

We are very happy to look at the specific requirements together with you, and run some tests on the cameras we have available in our lab.

@ 'Undisclosed A Integrator' - please contact me at to discuss details (I'm afraid I cannot find any emails with this specific question in our or web-form inboxes).

Do I hear Avigilon tapping at their door?