Camera System To Monitor & 'Read Railcar Identification Numbers

Dear IPVM community,
Is anyone aware of a camera system similar to a license plate reader which views the side of a railcar tanker and then 'reads' and identifies the large car identification number painted on the side? Curious if anyone has seen or heard of a implementation like that.

thank you

Not aware of a camera system that "reads" those numbers, although I think many railcars are RFID tagged and read via RFID readers as they pass in and out of train yards/stations.

Right I know about the RFIDs and am familiar with the technology. My needs are to be able to visually confirm various physical aspects of the RR car and be able to associate that with the ID number at the point of time it passed the FOV.

I would think that the Car ID would be no different than a license plate number.

I appreciate the feedback!

It's bit different than a license plate number. Rail IDs can be one row or two, which a lot of LPR platforms won't read properly. The analytic has to be tailored to it in order to read properly.

The other problem is these IDs are much more likely to be obscured by dirt and graffiti than license plates. So even a partially obscured character will make things difficult.

It is a very interesting application of camera technology to solve a very old logistical problem.

There are two that I know of: ISS and Axxon.

We haven't tested either. They both seem to be proprietary, so you'd be using their VMS. Not sure if there's an option to integrate with third parties. Could be, but I haven't seen it!

Ethan, those two links are pretty much what I was looking for. The ISS demo shows exactly what I was talking about. Once again, the IPVM community points me in the right direction! Still interested from anyone else that may have other examples or comments on how installations went or 'didn't' go so well.

thank you