Camera Install On Mobile Generator Light Mast CHALLENGE

I have a 3 generator/light mast configuration for a client parking lot. We want to put a quality, state of the art configuration on the light mastitself to monitor the parking lot from 3 angles. I would love for it to be a cloud solution using the clients wifi. Each generator is about 100-150 ft away from the other. What would you do?

1, are you going to be sending the video back to a permanent building on the other side of the parking lot? Are these generator/light mast configurations mobile? Will they be repositioned over time?

The generators/lightmasts are mobile but they will not be moved much if ever once positioned. A monitoring solution is what I am most interested in. Being used mainly on college campuses. What dou suggest for monitoring solution?

You mean a third party monitoring service? Do you want them to respond to alarms or do periodic look ins or?

100 lookins a month is the expectation - responding to security issues

I have a monitoirng station i could use ...I just think it may be a challenge to get an internet feed to these mobile light masts. For cameras on remote cell phone towers and things like these light keeping reliable internet a challenge? what are some solutions?

Above you mention, "using the clients wifi". So do you have access to that? Is there a nearby building with dedicated wireline Internet access?


I believe there will be an internet access point in a nearby brick and mortar building for most of these applications. So what would be your solution there? ...and how about if there wasn't a nearby access a cell tower in the middle of nowhere? Thanks by the way for your assistance here.

LTE is an option and works well for trailer setups as long as you don't plan to stream 24/7.