Camera Clouding Up At Night?

Can I get someone's opinion on a camera issue I am seeing? I have an indoor wifi camera that works great in normal light, but when the lights go out there is a cloud reflection in the camera and I don't know how to get rid of it. Any thoughts?

Daytime shot

Night Shot

Lori, interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Does the camera have integrated IR? Do you recall the model name/number?

First guess is that the camera has poor integrated IR and its reflecting off the housing.

I agree, there's usually a rubber ring to seal the lens to the inside dome to prevent IR light bouncing off the inside dome back into the lens. I've had these pop off without noticing before.

This may seem odd but I don't have a make/model for this camera. I do have the following specs for it:

  • 720HD
  • 1280 X 720
  • H.264 High Profile Level 4.2
  • 720p Low Light Sensor, True Day/Night
  • 30 FPS
  • 0.1 Lux (Color), 0.0 Lux with IR
  • Superflux LED
  • Built-in Motion PIR
  • 3.6 mm Fixed Lens
  • 1 High Powered Superflux LED, 5M distance

I have this camera installed in other locations with no halo effect. This is just really odd.

"1 High Powered Superflux LED, 5M distance"

That's good marketing! :)

Harrison has a good suggestion, it could be an adjustment to the bubble / housing / ring might fix it.

That's good marketing!

FWIW, "Superflux" LEDs are made by Lumileds a division of a Phillips, a division that was sold to the Chinese but then blocked just days ago by the U.S. for unspecified reasons.

I would tilt down camera

too much ceiling visible

IR reflection. Reposition or reangle the camera.