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Business Closed - Thanks To IPVM!

Ok, Good news today, of all days, I closed my first real 'deal', and most credit to goes right away to John and crews of IPVM! 12 camera total job written in stone, for mucho dinaro*

After taking the advice about wearing down friends and family and that was fully exhausted, I was found at cafe with my open ipad reading upon IPVM, when owner asked me what am I always on this IPVM site? He tried to get access on his own, to buy cameras cheap he thought it was for, but found Johns cost too high and instead asked me to help him with system for 1 cafe and 1 cafe to go! Best part: He asked if I was IPVM grad, i don't like lying much, so I said I am IPVM Bel-grade!

Thanks to John and staff at IPVM!

*joke, Not spanish retype, the Dinar is serbian currency in the name of the dollar.

Well done Tedor! Here's hoping you grow this customer and project into a successful security service company that provides good product and value to your clients. Great stories of global impact have started from such beginnings. My hat tip to a new entrepreneur with his first win. Now go make it a great success story!

Heh, for a sec there I thought the topic meant you had to close your buisness due to IPVM. Good thing it's the other way around. Congratulations mate.