Bumping A Camera 3'-4' Off A Building

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I have a client that wants to be able to remotely view his hanger doors without placing any cameras inside. The doors are recessed, and any of the standard placements we tried have IR washout issues at night. At this point we feel the best solution is to bump the camera off the building, but I can't find any pre-made brackets to do this with. We are using Hik/LTS turrets, and I've considered modifying a PTZ parapet bracket, but it's not quite 3' and would still require some substantial modifications. Anyone aware of a generic solution? Thanks for the help!

View from 4' out

The longest one I know of is the Videolarm/Moog PRM50, which gets you out about 42":

You'll need to somehow adapt the turret to 1.5" NPT thread. And it's not the prettiest.

If the positions you had tried worked but had IR washout at night, why not disable the IR and instead use a IR Illuminator mounted somewhere else. Try using a raytec illuminator such as the vario i5 or i7 with a filter that allows a broader coverage. that will prevent the IR from bouncing off the side of the building and washing the cameras image out.

That was my first plan, but it has 3 flaws: the angle remains poor (usable, but barely), the cost, and the the added components. In typical EU fashion the Vario IP we brought out for tested was rejected due to it's color. Good suggestion though!

This likely does not help OP, but Axis users might take a look at Axis' telescopic parapet mount. It telescopes out to about 40 inches.

There aren't any other buildings across from that hangar to hang from? No matter what you do, it's just going to look bad having a camera hanging out there 3+ feet.

I wish, but no dice. And I can't have the interior of the hanger more than a few feet in the FOV (client spec) so that wouldn't work anyway. I agree, it's going to be ugly, but what can you do?

What's the goal of seeing the doors, aside from the obvious? Make sure they're closed? Not blocked?

Mostly to see if they are closed. And mounting it inside the center of the jamb pointing straight down is considered "inside".

Is a door contact setup not considered a good enough indicator?

What about a 360 degree overhead camera mounted top/center of the doors with the lens pointed towards the doors and maybe angled slightly down? Seems like you could do that with very minimal offset from the building.

I hadn't considered a fisheye, that's not a bad plan. I don't currently have their alarm contract (yet) and the current provider seems unable to stop false alarms from the door contacts.

I'm thinking the videolarm bracket with a 1.5" NPT coupler, stepped down with peerless 1.5" to 1" thread reducer to which I can then attach the camera back plate from the standard LTS turret mount. Function 1, aesthetics 0. That videolarm bracket is a bit spendy though, more than the axis!

You know you can buy a pipe reducer at your local hardware store that will likely be a mere fraction of the cost of anything made by Peerless...

Did not, thanks!

Why not stick the camera in the ground in front of each hangar door, offset to stop aircraft rolling over the vandal resistant dome?

I would install a 180 degree panoramic camera above the hangar door looking downwards.

Just a thought but a standard Flagpole (one that mounts to the side of the building and would normally have the flag hanging vertically down) and the associated building mount would easily get you more than 40 inches away from the building and will easily support the weight of a camera compared to the weight of the flag it was designed for. PoE CAT6 through the centre of the pole to protect it etc. Pipe mount the camera.

Matching cameras are available.

Just realized I never closed this turkey out. I attempted to use the Axis expandable mount, but the client bucked the price so we modified a Hik parapet mount with combined with a turret wall mount kit and NPT reducer. It came out pretty well, and while the extra 10" would have helped it's very serviceable.