Building List Of Manufacturer Cyber Security / Hardening Guides

Next month, we will release a directory of manufacturer cyber security / hardening guides, including a list of all those who have none. This is to help encourage improved security within the industry.

Please share guides you know of below.

Here are 5 entries so far:

Here are other materials from vendors that address cyber security but are not true guides:

What are we missing?

Looking forward to this. It's time for the manufacturers to step up with more secure firmware and provide guidance on how best to configure devices to protect against attack. As an end-user I can tell you cyber-security features are at the very top of the list when looking into purchasing new devices.

This is really interesting. Most of my information comes from veterans in my company, trainings, and past experience, but have no definitive answers or help from actual sources. This will be very interesting, really looking forward to this.

Not looking good so far, posted this yesterday, emailed out to ~2,000 people a few hours ago, no more entries.

I am sure there are a handful that will come in but it seems the percentage is real low.

Verry interesting topic.

i fear that the lack of response is related to the way our industy is looking at cyber hardening: in the best case people have heard about it...

sorry, i'm pretty pesimistic about it. Took over another video surveillance system this week with about 70 camera's all with admin/admin accounts...

i wouldn't want to feed the intrusion installers who use the same 1234 style engineer code for their systems either.

So a lot of work to be done, this post certainly is a good step in the right direction

looking forward to this.

Update FLIR IP-Based Security Convergence whitepaper (not a real hardening guide)

Great topic John. I will closely follow (and hopefully contribute) this thread as this pertains to my new career path that I have chosen with a financial institution. I just learned this week that Cyber Security for all the connected Physical Security devices is my primary job function.

#3, thanks, good to hear!

So far, though, manufacturer offerings pretty bare.

Exacq confirmed they do not have one but plan to publish one before the end of this year.

I'm late posting, but please keep this string alive. We need sources for this information and some manufacturers aren't always cooperative until they see a purchase order. This kind of library allows people to see what work is required "up front".

Hanwha Techwin has a hardening guide and a cyber security white paper posted on their website. You need to fill out a basic form and are then given the file download.