Building A Checklist For VMS Configuration

A member asked us to build a VMS configuration checklist to help them ensure they set up all the right settings they need. Below is a vendor neutral draft checklist. Let me know what you would add or change:

  • By default, when a camera is connected does the VMS automatically start recording? If no, make sure to enable the camera for recording.
  • Do you want motion detection enabled?
  • Are you going to enable it on the camera side or the VMS server side?
  • If you are using motion detection, have you tuned / optimized the sensitivity / zones for it?
  • If you are using motion detection, have you set up a schedule on when motion detection should be used?
  • What CODEC are you using?
  • What resolution are you recording at?
  • What frame rate are you recording at?
  • What quality / compression level are you using? Have you set it or are you using the VMS default?
  • Are you using boost up / speed up recording? If so, have you configured both the continuous / no motion resolution / frame rate and the motion triggered resolution / frame rate?
  • Have you named the cameras for display on the VMS interface?
  • Do you want to crop or privacy mask any portion of any cameras? (to reduce resolution and/or block out sensitive areas)
  • Are you using multiple streams? If so, have you enabled / configured those streams for each camera?
  • Have you configured / enabled storage for the VMS?
  • What storage duration do you desire? 1 week, 1 month, etc.?
  • Does your VMS support configuring storage duration for individual cameras? If so, have you set the duration appropriately for each camera?

Network protocol for streaming (Unicast UDP/TCP/Multicast)

Using an existing SQL cluster or deploying a new Standalone local SQL?

Is the server(s) being added to an existing Domain? Might need a Domain user login (or just use local server account)

Is RDP access to the server enabled?

VPN access to the network for remote management?

Camera grouping configuration for easier management of camera viewing rights.

User configuration(local or Active Directory integration)

Viewing or task permission of users/user group levels.

Is there any failover recording being used?

Exacq has a good checklist at the begining of there manual.

Sean, thanks for the detailed list. I am going to have to break it up into basic and advanced as some of yours are fairly advanced and won't apply to the average user.

Duncan, thanks for the example. It's a good checklist to compare to.

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