Drop Access Cards And Switch To Smartphones?

Here is a marketing email from The Brooklyn Access Startup: Kisi, on how they save you time and money by not using traditional access cards or door keys:

Examining the Breakdown

Kisi's suggestion their system is more efficient is a trainwreck. They essentially skip over the time needed to enroll users into their system, including:

  • Downloading the Kisi app to a smartphone (5 minutes?)
  • Enrolling into the Kisi portal from the phone (2 - 5 minutes)
  • The Kisi admin provisioning the user's phone as valid in the system (2 - 10 minutes)
  • Kisi admin creating a schedule of when smartphone user can gain access (2 - 10 minutes)
  • Confirming/Testing the settings work (2 - 5 minutes)

I'll counter estimate it takes no less time to use Kisi (10 minutes per user) and easily twice the time over traditional methods.

Of course, Kisi also presumes all users carry smartphones to begin with. And there is no accounting for users if they forget/lose/break/drain batteries on their phones and require keys anyway.

Kisi's Difference: Commercial Focused

While Kisi is way off base with these numbers, it is interesting to see them take aim at the commercial market by pitching Kisi as more efficient than traditional access products for larger groups of users (20-50 new employee users).

Most security startups target the consumer/DIY market and are heavy on the gadget/ cool factor value of their offerings. Not Kisi - they are tailoring the appeal of their marketing to buyers of bigger systems.