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Broadcast Video From Dahua NVR

Hello, does anyone know the best way to broadcast the video from a dahua NVR out to a small audience of approx 10-30 users at a time?

We have experimented with things like wowza media server etc. They were not very stable... especially on iOS.

We need a stable way to broadcast to browsers and mobile devices without requiring users to install an activex control for PC viewing. Flash is fine because most already have it.

Right now we are using a cloud service at $150 per month... per location!


Kenny, the HD Broadcasting Of Church Services? discussion may have some ideas but I recall the main options being similar to what you are doing now.

I am assuming this has to be a live feed vs an exported video?

Have you looked at Wirecast? Use that with a feed to Youtube. Youtube will do the transcoding for you. You send up one stream, and they will hand out appropriate transcoded streams to all your users. This should scale well. Just make sure you aren't violating copyright by using protected music or images.

Thanks... our average client has 16 cameras and approx 25 video viewers through the day... :)

There are plenty of pay per month "cloud services" doing this... but it is super expensive!

We are still searching like crazy for a piece of hardware or software to do this.

You can do it yourself. There is the Unreal Media server which is free that can transcode your streams. However you will still have to host the streams to multiple users and your bandwidth must be adequate for that.

Have you looked into click2stream? They are fairly cheap and will transcode and host the live streams for you.

Thanks. The problem with those services is that we have a large number of clients...

Each client has at least 16 cameras... and approx 25 video viewers...

That type of service would price us out of business after 14 years... :)

Thats why we are looking for a device or software to purchase that will do this.