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Bosch, Samsung Or Panasonic Ptzs?

Need help deciding which manufacture to choose for PTZ Cameras. About 80 Outdoor and 20 Indoor Cameras. They will be used with Genetec Security Center 5.2 SR8.

Here are the models we are looking at:

- Bosch VG5-7230-EPC4
- Samsung SNP-6320H
- Panasonic WV-SW598

- Bosch VG5-7130-CPT4
- Samsung SNP5430
- Panasonic WV-SC386

Any experience, guidance or input will be greatly appreciated.

Just to let you know the SNP-6320H and SNP-6320 are integrated with 5.2 SR7.

The SNP-5430H and SNP-5430 are newer and will be released in their next revision. (They use the same SDK as do all the Samsung Techwin Network product).

The "H" means Outdoor housing by the way.

Hope this helps

Hello Peter,

Thank you for the details on the Samsung Units.

Those are some nice improvements there Peter!

We got a bunch of SNP-5300H's here, and this looks like a solid replacement.

Best image quality is the Bosch, samsung is wayyyy to green. The bosch has problems calibrating 'enhanced ptz' in config tool.


Did you try changing white balance settings?

I would be intersted in the situation that you found the image to be too green, the Samsung cameras especially the WiseNet 3 DSP gives one of the best colour renditions I have seen.

Please explain more. Thank you