Beware Of AXIS DOA Policy, Very Disappointing

Last week one of our customers received their order of 15 AXIS P1425-E cameras. 2 of these cameras were DOA out of the box. After doing some troubleshooting, AXIS techs advised our customer that they could send the 2 cameras back to AXIS for repair or replacement with refurbished cameras. Our customer was VERY unpleasantly surprised by this answer to replacing their DOA cameras, as was I. This morning I confirmed this AXIS DOA policy with our distributor CSC. I've been an AXIS fan for many years, always willing to chime in on why their superior services and support make their cameras worth 2x to 3x times the price of their low cost competitors. I'm very disappointed with their DOA policy, this is poor customer service, this is a black eye for AXIS.

What I have never heard that before, is it a new policy? maybe something canon is pushing?

its always been bring is back, techs will look at it, whoops yep is DOA we will fix it or replace it with a new one ( I buy a lot and deal with certified distributors so i usually get a new one) and then problem solved. never get used stuff for DOA's, that will sink a company fast if they have horrible warranties. Most offer at least 30 days from purchase/ delivery.

Jeff, Eddie, I've forwarded this to Axis and asked for clarification. When I get a response, I will add.

Btw, from Axis' support page:

Did you mention this to them? Did they say it was beyond 30 days or?

yeah thats what I have always seen and gotten when I have a DOA unit. now if it sits on the self for a year or too you are kinda screwed but unless they have magically changed it this week and forgot to update the website its should still be good, and even then i would screen shot the web page with a date to make them honor it if they have.

This was a new order placed with CSC the week before (I assume CSC AXIS inventory is fresh). Our customer has purchased over 75 AXIS cameras from us over the last few years. We originally recommended AXIS because of their reputation for 1st class service and support. They have been 100% satisfied with AXIS product and support, until now.

Similar wording found in the Axis Channel Partner Handbook.

Sounds like they are treating it like a regular out of warranty claim.


Sounds like they are treating it like a regular out of warranty claim.

Axis response:

"Axis policy is that the customer always shall get a new unit in case of DOA (not refurbished). DOA is valid for 30 days."

Axis is checking on the details of this specific case. Jeff, let me know if I can help. If you have the case number, feel free to email me ( and I'll relay that to Axis as well.

Hi John.

It appears that your interest in this matter has expedited a solution. I was contacted this am by James Marcella, Director of AXIS Technical Services, he assured me that he will do whatever is required to remedy this situation.

I expect we will hear further detail on how this situation occurred and how to prevent it from happening again.

Thanks for your help!

Jeff Sandine

Follow up: AXIS has made the problems go away, although I’m still puzzled as to why an AXIS tech would tell our customer that they would repair or replace DOA cameras with refurbished cameras.

Further detail and related issues to this situation include our sales rep from CSC telling me that AXIS would only repair or replace these DOA cameras with refurbished cameras. When I replied “are you kidding, would you accept this answer from any company that sent you DOA merchandise?”, he said “yes, this is what the cell phone companies do”. I don’t know if he just did not know any better, did not want to spend the time to investigate or was coached with this reply from higher level CSC management. I then asked my CSC rep “how do I get 2 new cameras to my customer ASAP?”. The only option presented was for us to purchase 2 more cameras from CSC, which I did as this solved our customer’s problem. I spent the next week repeatedly asking CSC for an RMA # so we could return the DOA cameras for credit to our account, as we had now paid twice for them. Only after I posted this problem on IPVM and John Honovich took interest in this, did all these problems immediately disappear. It’s pathetic that it took a potential PR crisis to remedy this situation.

Wow, CSC had two replacements in stock and would not just swap out for the two uninstalled DOAs? Even after complaining? And you're a regular?

Wrong on so many levels.

So, essentially, if you buy a new Axis; and in the parking lot you notice that the dome is cracked, they wouldn't let you trade it for another one on the shelf, but make you buy both instead?

Jeff, thanks for following up. I am glad it was resolved.

So really it sounds like this was more of a CSC issue? We have NEVER had an issue with AXIS including cameras that were older than 30 days. We even had it where an installer cut the M12 connector cable off of a camera to try to make it an RJ45 that they took back.

Glad to hear that Axis worked to help you resolve the issue. We don't typically purchase via the same distributor but as a long standing Axis partner, I can tell you that on rare occasion we have received a DOA camera and our our distributors have always exchanged it for a new one, no questions asked. Perhaps you need to chat with your distributor rep as it sounds like the problem is not with Axis but with CSC.

First 30 days is by vendor after such time, I believe the policy is Refurbished next day if you request advanced replacement. If you send camera back and once verified by axis it is defective they replace with new. Cant say that option exists with many other manufacturers.