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Best Way Install IP Cameras Wirelessly (200 Ft)

I have an upcoming project that will require me to install two 1.3mp cameras roughly 200 ft away from the NVR. Hardwiring is impossible. Power is already where it needs to be. I want to create a stable connection that will not require me to roll a service truck every other week.

I'm thinking of using a LUS XAP-1050 wireless bridge with POE.

Any advice or things to watch out for...

Do you have anything in the way / in between the camera and the building? Trees? Parked trucks? Hills? etc. What's the terrain?

Btw, have you used Luxul before? Their XAP-1050 bridge shows an online price of almost $1000. That's pretty expensive for a 200 foot 2 camera link.

Among security integrators survey, Ubiquiti is the most common choice, especially for a ptp link. They are a fraction of the cost of the XAP-1050. See: Ubiquiti Wireless Surveillance Review

It runs over a swimming pool and tennis courts. Nothing but clear blue sky. I am all for doing something cheaper. I havent done many wireless jobs so I wanted to make sure I provided something dependable. What would you use?

Ubiquiti has a track record of being dependable but their help is pretty much online self serve, no phone support. If you have some wireless install experience and can spend a few hours with Ubiquiti, I think that will work. Otherwise, if you know the guys at Luxul and value their direct support, choose them (or another more expensive / high touch offering).

I'm browsing the Ubiquiti website. They have a ton of products. What exactly do you recommend for this type of project?


See: Ubiquiti Wireless Surveillance Review where we review options.

For your application, a pair of Nanostation Loco M5's should work fine. They're 5Ghz, so less interference in a residential area from common 2.24 Ghz equipment, and they have plenty of throughput. They are also small and unobtrusive, and easy to setup.

No affiliation, but these guys will sell you a pre-configured pair for a small premium:

The pre-configuration aspect is interesting. What do you do? Tell them your application, e.g. PTP, x devices, etc. and they configure accordingly?

They used to have it listed on their website, where you could buy a "matched pair" or something where 2 units were pre-setup in a basic transparent bridge mode. I didn't see it on the website, but I didn't spend a lot of time looking, and I'm sure if you called them up they'd still do it. It was a nice blend between paying a premium to a larger wireless company and going completely DIY configuring yourself. For about a 10% premium, you can buy units already setup and get a moderate amount of phone support if needed.

I just know these guys from running into them at trade shows and spending some time talking with them.

Sounds interesting. I will shoot them an email.

Is their a certain brand of IP camera that works better with wireless setups? I have a test system setup at my home that I have been trying different types of non hardwired camera setups on. I have tried cameras with wifi built in. I have tried plugging the camera into access points. I have tried powerline adapters. I have not been able to find a solution that didnt loose video feed at the NVR at least a few times a day.

Any advice...

What wireless system are you using? What type of throughput does it support?

As a general rule, make sure to have a cap on VBR or use CBR. Bandwidth spikes can be a problem as it can overload the system.