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What Are The Benefits Of Axis Certified Professional And The Axis Class?

We were thinking of taking the class and the exam for the Axis Certified Professional. It is a 4 day class and $500. I happen to think the class is a little long and don't want to spend the time. Also is it worth spending the money? What benefits could there be? We have installed many an Axis camera so it's not like this is new to us.

My understanding is that you need Axis certified people on staff to become a silver or gold partner, though I did not think you had to take a 4 day class to take the cert test.

Axis allows say that their certification is included by some consultants in specs, though I am not sure how prevalant that is.

Why do you want to take a class?

That is the exactly the question I was asking myself! I'm sure there is a reference manual or something I can go over and then take an online test? I'm not interested in getting a certification unless it is somehow going to lead to more oppourtunities or bring in more revenue. If it isn't then I can't be bothered just to get a paper certification. I have a pile of those already.

I took it a few years ago. I just paid the money and took the test. There was no class required. It was half theory/tech questions, and half Axis-specific stuff (ie: 'Which model supports P-Iris?', etc)

After looking at the Certification page, the class still doesn't look to be a requirement. Online prep materials are free.

I'm sure the class is helpful, but you only need to pay $150 for the test. Self-study should be sufficient if you have experience.

You might be better taking their one day course that just covers the material on the test. This is what I did and it helped. I also think it was only $150 or so.

If you guys are Gold level partner, you need two axis certified professionals on staff, and I think at Silver level, you need at least one.

It was a pretty difficult test if I remember and they require you to go to a prometric testing site.

If you take the Axis prep class, you take the exam right there where the class is held on the last day. They bring in a Prometrics proctor and laptops.

John, thanks. Is that the 1 day class? the 4 day one? Both?

When I did it, it was the 4-day class. 4th day was nothing but the test.

Hmmm...that wasn't my experience. I had to schedule my test at a later date.

Maybe it's something new. I just recertified at the 4-day class last August in Orlando.

First time I took it years ago I did the self-study method and took the exam at a local Prometric site.

Did you have to take the class to recertify or you just had 4 free days to spare? :)

Biggest benefit of the class is the camera you get. I always send at least one Officer to take this or one of the other classes when it comes around because the training is pretty good and the camera is worth more than the $500. Time commitment is a pain though.

No free camera for everyone at the classs i went to. They had one to give away and they drew a name out of a hat for it.

Just 8 months ago

Their 2 day Network Video Fundamentals course costs ~$600 and for that you get a high end ~$900 Axis Q1604 and ~$2,500 in ACC VMS licenses. In the past, we only recall them providing a camera or other hardware.

And this was back when it might have seemed like a conflict of interest to be pushing a VMS...

Yes! That is one of the ones we do. We do not do the certification class.

Another benefit of being an Axis Certified Professional, you get a free Nike polo t-shirt when you pass the exam.

We did the Ross version and got the free camera. As you progress in level, there is, I believe, a price break on equipment that goes along with it.