Beer Challenge At ISC West

I've been called out, personally. This afternoon I received an email: "ISC West Beer Challenge".

And since new product releases are so lame....

Here is the challenge:

We also found a marketing / promotional video:

It is unclear how exactly beer corresponds to programming keypads, but SDC hopes to get you in the booth to find out.

Be on notice, security pros. Frank the Tank intends to make you look like chumps on the showfloor:

"i don't like to confuse my customers with difficult to program keypads, but when i do i choose sdc"

Lol, Keefe!

Free month of membership to best caption of the guy and girl on the ad....

john, i am sure ari will be in here shortly and will blow this up...

It's late on the east coast but I have faith he will deliver! (tomorrow)

I don't always program keypads, I also drive a limo.

"First rule of Keypad Entry: Never let them see you look!"

Second rule of keypad entry: refer to rule number one.

Third rule of keypad entry: redundancy is cool.

Marketing: not as easy at it looks, actually.

"I don't always take whatever role comes along,

but I do when i prefer to EAT."

"I don't always program codecs, but when I do I prefer SVT."

"I don't always program keypads, but when I do I prefer to hold down one key and let buffer overflow do the rest."

Joke's on you: that's actually a fingerprint reader cleverly disguised as a keypad.

"Well I coulda been an actor, but I wound up here...

I just have to look good and I have to hit clear!"

Now all I gotta do is get these guys to drink beer

I hope my agent gets me that ad gig with FLIR!

Does FLIR really rhyme with beer?

Or is that what they call taking an "Ari-tistic License?"

Well, how do you pronounce "beer"?

Like FLIR.

Jim is from Texas. They pronounce it 'bahr'.

I whistled for a cab, and when it came near,

the license plate said "Fresh" and there were dice in the mirror,

if anything, I could say that this cab was rare,

but I though, nah, forget it, yo, Jim, pronounce FLIR!

"Well I coulda been an actor, but I wound up here...

I just have to look good and I have to hit clear!"

"Come and whisper in my ear,

Give us keyless entry!"

Now I'm gonna have that song in my head all day...

"I don't always program keypads, but if I don't figure it out soon the only thing I'll be qualified for is Executive VP of Marketing at Avigilon!"

And the gloves come off!

"The truth is... She only loves me for my keypad. But what can I say? It's an SDC"

Brian "laKey" Valentino

"Whose the guy ??, forget about the guy but what about the girl ??, forget about the girl, is that Bryan Schmode over there?"

"Shhhh, this is historic, don't bother him, he's entering the total number of patents issued for HDSM!"

America, What a Country!

When aya firsta come a to this a country, keypads been berry berry good to me...

WTF! My agent told me my opening line was "I don't always give keynotes, but when I do I prefer ISC..."

I don't always program keypads

I don't always change the default password

I don't always upgrade the firmware

I don't always put part#s on quote

I don't always put prices on quote

I don't always buy the cheapest product that is not available on the internet

I don't always know what the hell I'm doing

I guess I didn't win because my date didn't get extended :(

But who did ? :)

The Megapixel Man Wins, Again!

I demand the Megapixel Man of the Year complete this quest to consecrate himself, or else he is not really as interesting as the SDC keypad beard guy.

Here is the last official video on the 2013 Megapixel Mystery Man, its one year old but I don't see it on IPVM...

Note how apparently 3VR has now taken the reigns of this budding brand building bonanza. 3VR coup d'etat?

************************SPOILER ALERT************************

This video really, really sucks. DO NOT watch all in one sitting or while operating heavy machinery.

The good news is that the video is amazingly consistent, you can watch any 3 seconds and extrapolate the rest without data loss. The bad news is that the comedic 'brain drain' over at 3VR that began with our fearless leader's exodus has only accelerated...

"I don't always promote old and outdated technology, but when I do, I promote keypads"

Ouch! You guys are brutal! :)

Is that ad for real? I wonder how much they paid the girl to pretend she's interested in his keypad.

"This button represents the percent chance I have with this woman"

Wow so trendy and hip using funny memes that relate to me.

Wow I'm getting my money's worth just reading all these funny comments.

I'd like to meet the person who green-lighted this 'campaign' so I can plead with them to never, ever try their hand at humor again.

Simply copying a pitch man's delivery style does not constitute parody. Parody is designed to make a statement - generally in a sarcastic or pointed way - that ridicules the original message or bahavior. This 'thing' does none of that.

Simply copying someone elses stuff is not humor - it's a hack.

And don't even get me started on the messaging (or lack there of) in this piece.... BEER is never mentioned except in the title. :(

Also, for those of us that remember the debacle that was the 2013 Megapixel Man of the Year contest, those guys already used the not funny 'most interesting guy' bit last year..... before they never awarded their 'prize' to anyone.

Note: The comments in this string are 10x funnier than anything in this most uninteresting man ad.... :)

If this is what they consider good advertising, I would hate to drink the beer they are serving!

However, it did pique the interest of a number of information hungry security dudes!

Do they give out beer during the challenge at the booth? That could always be interesting.

Free Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Funny, you misspelled "watered down Coors light".

I'm not about to turn this into a beer debate, but PBR (while not a favorite) is pretty far beyond Coors Light. I mean, Coors Light is light, for one.

ISC West Ad

Anybody can put access control on locks -- let's see what you can do with swimwear.


Only in Vegas can you use your debit card on strippers.

This has is true for i attempt to use debit account on strip klub in Belgrade, but not can do. I am going to Vegas!


And here is the beer challenge live - video below: