Manufacturers, What Software Do You Recommend For Managing Leads With Partners?

Earlier this year, there was a good post mentionning the CRM that are used in the industry (SalesForce, Zoho, ...) => Top CRMs used in Security Sales

Here we use Zoho and we are satisfied with it.

IPVM has a good SI customer base but I think that we are a bunch of manufacturers as well to be interested in the updates we can find here. As a manufacturer, on the top of using a CRM tool, we also need Partner Relationship Management (PRM). Also called Channel or Distributor Relationship Management System in some cases.

So far we have not been using any PRM but we stands at a point where we need a PRM to sustain our growth. Here is what I have found on the net:

I might be a bit too demanding due to Christmas feast approaching, but I haven't found the one that would suit my needs.

Again, we are manufactuer so we don't do BtC but BtB. We work with partners for years and this biz model is not going to change ^^. When we receive inbounds, we don't directly manage it but we transfer inbounds to partners (Distributors / SI / Resellers). And our channel partners convert (or not) these leads.

The key function that we need as a manufacturer:

- Automatic (or very simple manual) lead registration to the system from web form or inbound emails

- Lead distribution to Partners

- Lead tracking and status update by Partners (automatic email request)

- Partner/Lead performance analysis & evaluation (Conversion rate, Revenue generate by the lead, ... ) => this can be done out of the tool using the data generated

Would you recommend a specific tool for that matter?

Up to your experience, would SalesForce be able to fulfill that inquiry?

Nota: I will follow up that post, reply and thank you (w/ tagging "Informative" or "Funny"). so please fill free to participate with your positive thought.

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