Axis Wireless Cameras?

Intrested in peoples experience with Axis Wireless Cameras. I have a franchise who have kiosks in malls around the country. I have quoted for them previously using Hikvision NVR / Cameras and a UPS. Issues have arisen in that

-Prewiring they claimed had been done hadn't (Cat5) for IP

-Plans they provided were not what was on the ground when we went there

-Malls very restictive on the size colour of cameras that can be used

-Space very restrictive which gives us a problem with locating DVR/UPS and heat buildup from those.

Was thinking Axis wireless in that

- If I can reliably recored to a SD card can do away with NVR (which appears case with Axis approved SD card)

- Use switch to power a camera if necessay and will also double as UPS in that it will blow before the camera

-Cable switch back to router for remote access or I assume wireless reciever back to router

Main worry is reliability as these will be around the country so a pain and expensive to service if anything go's wrong



Hi Mike!

Couple of things to mention:

A far as I can tell, Axis only makes two cameras with built-in wireless, both are cube form factor, neither of them have edge storage or POE.

Also, what is the distance between radios likely to be? Is there line of sight?

Malls are crazy saturated in the 2.4Ghz band these days, what with every store offering free Wifi and hundreds of devices moving about, so I'm not sure even if you had a camera with edge and Wifi there wouldn't be issues with bandwidth and reception... Discrete wireless is a better bet.

IMHO, you probably could get a 5Ghz point-to-point directional setup going, but every location will be different, which will add time and uncertainty to the roll-out.

There's no shortage of wireless gurus on this site, so just stay tuned for more...

Seconding Undisclosed 1's point.

Michael, how hard would it be to do wired cameras?

Btw, Hikvision has a number of wireless cameras with on-board storage and PoE support. Not saying that is the solution, just pointing out the option for your feature request.