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Axis VMD 2.1 With Milestone VMS?

Anyone know how to setup Milestone so that it records based on motion using the Axis Video Motion Detection App (2.1)? Could have sworn I watched a Youtube of this once but now I can't find it.


I can't find anything either so I have reached out to a contact at Milestone to see if we can get a specific answer for your question. Keep in mind that there may be a delay due to lots of staff returning from ASIS this week in Atlanta.

As of June, Axis told us Genetec and Axis Camera Station were the only platforms which supported VMD 2.1. If there have been developments since then, it's possible, but they haven't said so.

I have been trying to get VideoInsight 5.5.x to work with Axis VMD 2.1 with no luck. I know this is no help. :)

I am going to contact the VI Camera Integration Manager and see if he has anything to contribute. I do find it interesting that Axis would put out VMD 3 when almost not many people can even use 2.1.

Andy, as of a couple days ago, Axis tells us that VMD 2.1 and 3 are still supported only by Genetec and Axis Camera Station (or Camera Companion, since it can trigger local recording). It's a major limitation, and really limits the market for these plugins.

They do point out that if the VMS will accept a generic TCP string, it can drive events, but it requires manual setup. I've got it working with Exacq pretty easily. I'm not familiar with VI's serial capability, though, so not sure if it's possible.

Ethan, I did try using the TCP notification setting using the VI VMS IP and port, but it didn't seem to work. I emailed VI's Cam Intregration Manager and will update this discussion if/when I hear anything.

Ethan, thanks for the tip about TCP messaging. I set that up in Milestone and it works great!

Amos, great! I didn't actually really get it myself until a few weeks ago as part of another test, and had no idea it would work with Milestone as I've never really used their TCP serial, either. How long did setup take for you?

Amos, could you please post a screenshot of how you set up the TCP messaging? I am trying to get it working in Video Insight with no luck. I doubt that it will translate directly, but any hint could help.


In the Axis camera (with VMD loaded) I first set up a "recipient".

Then I set up two "Action Rules". One that trigger's when VMD is active and one that triggers when VMD is not active.

The above setup should be the same regardless of the VMS.

Milestone has a pretty simple tcp portal. I created two events, one for record and one for stop recording.

Then set the Recording Properties to "Event", select the appropraite events and thats all.

I would guess I could set up a camera in about 5 minutes including loading the application into the camera. Well worth it as reliable motion detection is king, not to mention the resource savings.

FYI this is with VMD3 but I am sure it is the same with VMD2.1

Amos, thanks for the details. I will have to give this a try and see if it will work in VideoInsight. I also heard back from them. They said my request was the first they had had about Axis VMD and they have put it in the queu.