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Axis T8414 Test Monitor Review?


I am looking at the Axis communications hand held display monitor, model T8414. I have never used one, but I have longed for this capability many times. Normally when I purchase something like this, almost immediately someone comes forward and says “those are great, but you should have got the fill in the blank”.

So this time, I thought I would put the question out in the forum for commentary in advance. Questions:

  1. Does anyone have any negative feedback about this item?
  2. Does anyone know of a competitive product to this one?

Thank you in advance to anyone that responds.

I can only echo Samuel

it sucks it sucks it sucks

its sucks it sucks it sucks I have bought two in two years and sent it back 5 times and im looking for a competitier

For that matter, we also tried a ToteVision MD-1001.

Although it comes with Windows 7 embedded O/S, its puny Atom N455 processor has long latencies and limited functionality. I have wondered if a good alternative might be one of the newer tablets using the 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. It flies when playing back even HD multimedia files.

We tested both the Axis T8414 and the Razberi IT-5000 and found them both highly limited in their functionality and very slow. The main difference between the two is that the Axis T8414 will only work with Axis cameras while the Razberi IT-5000 works with some other camera brands, although even that is quite limited in number.

In reality, neither device appears to be very useful. Setup for any given camera is a royal pain in the butt and requires going through multiple pages of settings. Once the device is connected to a camera, latency makes it difficult to aim and focus the camera and the tiny screen doesn't make it any easier. Also, neither device could perform power zoom and focus on cameras equipped with those functions. Although they do supposedly provide digital zoom, that too was slow and buggy.

We returned both for refund.

Axis does not make this, but buys it from Dynacolor, who calls it DT-2.

I noticed Pelco is offering the same tool now: Pelco IPCT01 locked for only Pelco cameras.

Like Alex linked, we've recently heard complaints about the units failing, to the degree some users are calling it a 'lemon'. Caveat Emptor.

In most cases, a laptop is going to offer better performance for installation/focusing work, it is just the size issue that is a problem.

The biggest problem with the T8414 in my opinion is that it's impossible to focus a camera on such a small screen. You need a bigger screen to properly focus cameras. So the whole idea of making a camera install a one-man job gets thrown out the window as you need help to focus (unless you want your techs carrying laptops up to the top of ladders). If you need a laptop at the jobsite anyway then you don't need the T8414.

Looks like people are having issues with them: Having Problems with the Axis T8414