Axis Q6035 And Lightning

Had a Q6035 get hit with lightning…what do you guys think, worth repairing or should I replace. This is the first camera I've had hit, when we have our intrusion systems hit we usually replace the whole system and dont waste time with repairing as they never seem to work right again. What are you recommendations?

I would replace the camera, send them the bill and tell them to go after their insurance company as this was an "act of god" type scenario. I wouldn't bother repairing it, usually things that get zapped as you had mentioned don't usually work right ever again.

Right into the dumpster with it, or is there anything salvageable off it?

Maybe the acrylic dome? Another victim of the 'cloud'...

I had three Axis cameras at one location get fried by lightning once. They were under warranty so I sent them in and got two new ones back and one they must have fixed. No issues with the fixed one in over a year now.

All free of charge I might add.

Nice. Sounds like they value your business enough not to push their warranty exclusion clause:

if the product is damaged by acts of God, misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, normal wear and tear and deterioration, improper environmental conditions (including, but not limited to, electrical surges, water damage and heat exposure) or lack of responsible care...